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We Understand The Science of SEO & Google Algorithm Updates!

Orlando SEO can help you grow your business on multiple digital platforms locally, regionally, nationally or global, but we first offer you a free Digital Marketing Strategic Planning Report to see where you are and how we can help get you to where you want to be in a specific time frame. Get your FREE report Now!

Free Website Audit Get A Full SEO Report for Google Rankings

We Help Make Your Vision Come True

Our Vision is to help small to medium size business owners grow their business with a strong digital marketing presence.

Free Website Audit Get A Full SEO Report for Google Rankings

We Help Our Clients Earn Millions With Generated SEO Traffic!

Today each business owner has to consider and have a digital marketing plan to succeed in their industry. We offer wisdom and strength to help business owners grow and maintain sustainability.

Free Website Audit Get A Full SEO Report for Google Rankings

Orlando SEO Consultants

Why Are We #1 For Orlando SEO Consulting To Rank You On Page One of Google?

At Digital Marketing Publishing, LLC we’re a full service digital marketing company and we don’t take short cuts or hide what we do from our clients.  We are one of the few transparent SEO companies that reveal our prices up front and there’s no bait and switch.  We Get Results for Our SEO Clients.

1.  Site Audits     2.  On Page SEO Checker      3.  Position Tracking     4.  Social Media Tracker     5.  Backlink Audit     6.  Marketing Calendar     7.  Log File Analyzer     8.  Brand Monitoring     9.  Post Tracking     10.  Content Audit     11.  Organic Traffic Insights     12.  PPC Keyword Analzyer     13.  Organic Research     14.  Keyword Research     15.  Keyword Metrics     16.  Ad Builder Service     17.  Advertising Research     18.  Display Advertising     19.  Backlink Service     20.  SEO Content Templates     21.  SEO Sensors     22.  Keyword Difficulty Scale     23.  SEO Gap Analysis     24.  Traffic Macro Overview     25.  SEO Topic Research     26.  Multiple Reporting     27.  Filtering Data Analytics     28.  Multi-targeting     29.  Plagiarism Checking



Page #1 Ranking

We have thousands of Keywords ranking on page #1 of Google.


Millions in Revenue

We’ve earned our clients Millions in organic SEO traffic.


Lead Generation

We help you generate leads to grow your business to convert to customers.


Happy Clients

We have a history of happy satisfied clients due to the results we deliver.


How Much Does SEO Cost?

Our Orlando SEO consulting plans are customized to the specific needs and goals of small businesses.  We offer multiple sets of SEO packages, we determine what optimizations and activities will have the biggest impact on your search rankings to offer discounted SEO packages.  All of our Orlando SEO work is calculated at an hourly rate that is well below the industry average and broken down to packages.  The number of hours that you dedicate to SEO each month determines the number SEO activities we can perform.

• Keyword Link Building • Business Profiles • Onsite Blog Posts • New Website Content

• Article Engagement • Business Directory Listings • Custom Article Publication • Website Bookmarking

• Local Business Citations • Ongoing Site Optimizations • Google Maps and Analytics

• And More SEO

Call us for more information on small business SEO pricing.

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SEO Consultants

We Understand Search Engines and How They Work

At Digital Marketing Publishing, SEO is an exciting discipline, but it’s complicated and there aren’t many places you can go to learn the basics and especially learn to be a master at this skill.

We’re giving you a walk through of  SEO consulting, from the technical tactics through content and link building.

So let’s jump right in!

Before we can talk about everything that makes up SEO, we’ve got to start with the basics – how the internet and search engines work.

Boiled down to the simplest concept, the internet is really just a huge collection of pages that are connected by links. I like to use cities as a metaphor – a website is like a house, where each room in the house is a different page on the site, with hallways and stairs connecting the different rooms, but the rooms add up to a cohesive whole. You have different houses on the street, but everything in the neighborhood is related. If you add even more houses, you end up with a city, then a state, then a region, then a country, then the world wide web.

Think of links like roads – they connect the different buildings and neighborhoods together. A big popular website is like a large office building, with lots of roads leading to it. It’s easy to see, and there are plenty of different ways to get there.

If you’re building a new site, it’s like you’re adding a new building to the city. Where would you rather have that building? If you’re right on the intersection of the freeway and several cross streets, it’ll be a popular location that’s easy to find. But if you build it way outside of town in the middle of a huge field, no one will know it’s there.

Back in the beginning of the World Wide Web, when there weren’t that many sites, you could only reach a website by typing in the address of the page or by clicking a link on another site.

In the early 90s, the web had grown too large to sustain such a simple navigation and discovery process. The first search engines were born – now users could type keywords into the search engine and receive a list of websites related to the search phrase. Excite, AltaVista, and Yahoo! quickly changed the way that people were using the internet.

In the late 90s, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on their own search engine, and they were the first to use links as a signal of authority and trust. When Google was finally released, it quickly became the favored search engine because the quality of the search results far surpassed the other options.

The search engines created advanced algorithms that analyze hundreds of factors for each website – both on and off the website. The algorithms are constantly updated and adjusted to ensure that search results are the best they can be.

As SEO Consultants we dig much deeper in this process to get search engines to actually work on your behalf to get your website or better yet, web page to rank on page #1 of Google and other major search engines for specified keywords or keyword phrases.

Our Mission

To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential via digital marketing platforms. To organize our clients information with search engine optimization and make it universally accessible and useful.

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Our History

Our history is rich with 20 years of business experience.  Our background is in research and business analytics to help business owners reach optimal performance by making recommendations to solve problems. 

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Our People

The company was founded when business owners and entrepreneurs were hurting the most in 2008.  We realized the pain of many business owners and ventured to create a solution to help businesses grow online.

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